Get the best of 1 on 1 and group sessions, in a budget-friendly package. Our expert coaching staff will ensure that you have a personalized training program, tailored to your fitness level and desired results. They will walk you through each exercise, ensuring proper form and safe execution. Of course, you will not only have the support of your coach, but the camaraderie of your small group training partners along the way to your ideal fitness results.

Personal Fitness
Our team will design and guide you through your own custom session. While at a group class value, this is not a class where you’re tossed in to do the same workout as everyone else with no consideration of goals or health history. Simply show up, and we take it from there!

Life Happens Scheduling
You may move your sessions around day to day without penalty because let’s face it, life happens. Since all the workouts are personalized, you may arrive whenever you like during our hours and your 60 minutes will start.

Got Your Back Promise
There’s 23 hours a day where you aren’t with our team. don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Our team will go above and beyond to be sure you reach your goals inside and outside the gym with our VIP Facebook page and weekly emails and reminders, you’ll be crushing goals faster than ever!



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"Love the quality of the equipment, the expertise from the owner and trainers, extremely clean and not overly crowded.  The location is very convenient too.
They offer small group training sessions--great alternative to 1:1 training. Highly recommend!"

Deanne A.
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"Great facility and space to do overall body conditioning, weight training and sport specific workouts! Highly recommend training sessions with open gym access that works with any schedule. Very clean and spacious fitness studio that is not over crowded."

Jessica J.
    

"Owners are great people, has everything you could want and very well maintained."

Phillip R.


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